- Dining & Living room Cleaning
We specialize in residential cleaning. There are no contracts to sign so feel free to use our service once or as often as needed. Our crews work with 2 to a team to do a more thorough cleaning. For our regular customers we keep the same team assigned to your home for a more personalized feel. Below is a list of services for your dining & living room:

  • Ceiling fans
  • Blankets folded
  • Magazines, magazines, books straightened
  • Window sills
  • Dusting, Couch Cushions fluffed and straighted
  • Empty and re-line trash cans
  • Floors cleaned/Carpets Vacuumed
Dini Stewart
Ms. Cerda has been taking care of my housekeeping for almost 15 years. She is totally responsible and reliable and...       more info
Philip Evans
Asunciona Cerda has has been regularly employed by me for housekeeping for over five years. Her work has been...          more info
Renee White
Asunciona has been in my employ for the past four years. Professional, dependable, thorough and organized...         more info